Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If i were asked to describe my own personal style in so many words, i would say:

Ten Year Old Victorian School Girl

I recently bought this knock-off Victorian locket and companion pin off of ebay, after i saw much-too-big version at Banana Republic. Bows are everywhere these days, but i will say that I LOVED THEM FIRST. nanananana (a ten year old, remember). I have never been afraid of looking like too much of a girly girl, and i think more women should take more femininity into their style. The pin sits nicely on my favorite coat from nordstrom, with many school-girl Victorian aspects, such as the large flat collar and the puff sleeves. I get so many compliments when i wear this coat, and i'm trying to not let go to my head! very unsuccessful.

I also recently just bought a Victorian PATTERN BOOK (eeek!) and photographic survey at an online museum store called Victoriana. This place has the COOLEST stuff. this is what i bought and i am particularly inspiried by the children's uniforms (no surprise).

This last photo is from an old 1925 catalogue that the museum sells as a PDF, so anyone can buy it straight online and save it on the computer, ready for your inspiring needs at a moment's notice! Below is an example of one of the children's patterns that i LOVE and i'm dying to recreate it. I love the little butt-flap, or whatever that peice is. Victorian's loved their butts. i really want button-up boots, too. Totally gorge.

The dress i coming along, i promise. i'm in school too, ya know! i'll post pictures of my other projects that i'm working on at school, such as my bathing suit and my senior project, an evening gown. are we excited yet???


  1. Ellen,
    I can't wait to see some of your creations! Knowing you I know they will be fabulous.

  2. I love you. And I have an idea: lets just PRETEND we are on Manor House so that we can wear puff sleeves and bows and cameos and lace and skirts and everything in between! Can't wait for tuesday. I'll bring some more DC or something...