I made this black silk chiffon gown with gold silk charmeuse underlay in my Bridal and Evening wear class at SLCC Fashion Institute in the Summer 2012 semester.

The second time I took Bridal and Evening wear in the Fall 2012 semester, I made a short and simple silk crepe dress with a pleated waist detail and pleated sleeves. 

I made this darling coat for my sister, Anna, as a Chirstmas present in 2011.

I made this top for a client, Whitney Ingram in 2011.

 I made my little sister's, Olivia, prom dress during my spring break in 2012.

I made this lace back wool double knit blazer in January of 2012. 

I made this blue velvet blazer in February of 2012. 

I made this ponte knit mustard dress for my sister, Anna, in the summer of 2012.

Anna Sui printed silk top with knit lining.

My first dress for the blog.

One of the first skirts I sewed for the blog, back in December of 2009. Featured on Have a Cute Day.

My hand-stitched jeweled applique. LOOVE this.

Sewing scallops on stretch wool: hell.

Finished scallops.

Scalloped dress for my birthday.

First blouse sewn for blog. With jeweled applique.

First and second blouse sewn for blog.

Wearing 2nd blouse while meeting Cjane.

My glorious coat I made in Advanced Sewing before my blogging days.

Third blouse sewn for blog with cabbage rose printed linen.

Finished dress. Wore it to my best friend's bridal shower.

Great skirt. Great great skirt. Cotton/lycra.

My almost finished jacket for Tailoring class.

Trip to LA to buy fabric this past summer of 2010.

Alterations done on a knit dress. No camisole needed any longer!

Leopard print knit dress. Made in the late summer of 2010.

Liver's skirt that I made her when I was visiting home in summer of 2010.

I made these flower girl dresses out of silk dupioni. I love the gold overlay as well.
Photo credit to Have a Cute Day. I made this dress for Anna in Summer 2010. Marc Jacobs eyelet.

Weak moment and I used a pattern. Vogue 8413.

Anther weak moment. Vogue 1189.
I made this adorable color-blocked ponte knit dress with rosettes for my little sister, Olivia, for Christmas in 2011. 

Another failure of a dress. UUGGGHHH.

Blurry, but I love this shirt. Knit.

Still blurry. Black ponte knit.

ANNND a shining ray of light. The first PD! A Perfect Dress.

PD with snake that I get a billion compliments on every time I wear it.

Houndstooth PD inspired by Mondo.

Without the belt.

Totally finished PD with rope detail at neck.
Another great skirt in the blog's early days.

Green tricot PD with black ruffle.
Updated as long as I keep sewing!