I have always loved jewelry, and I like to take a break from sewing and make it sometimes. 

My pearl strand necklace. Tutorial here.

I love hand-stitched bibs. This one I made back in the day of 2008. It used to be stitched to a blouse, but now it is just sitting a drawer in my sewing room, waiting to be on another, better blouse. 

I made this dazzling beaded bib for a contest at school. I got second place for the overall look. I wore this to City Creek in downtown in SLC and got a lot of jealous and intriguing looks.

I am enrolled in a jewelry making class at SLCC right now, and we 1st learned how to solder metal to make rings. The copper ring above looks great with my engagement ring, but the my favorite is the hammered sterling silver ring.


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