Ellen Switzer

No pre-made patterns, patience required. Sewing projects posted as often as I'm able to make them, for the entire world to see.I started sewing in the summer of 2008 at BYU in Beginning Clothing Construction 180. After graduating from BYU in 2010, I've worked at home sewing alterations and custom clothing for clients here in Utah. I now work as a design assistant for an international bridal company, sew my own projects on the side, do alterations for clients, and go to fashion design school at Salt Lake Community College (the best decision I've made since BYU). I have a true passion for fashion, sewing, and couture techniques.

If you have any questions about sewing, or if you would like me to feature your sewing on my blog, or if you want to feature me, please email me at couturegirlellen@gmail.com. I love mail!

I am available to make custom clothing or bridal, evening wear, jewelry, or just every day stuff. Please email me with all questions.
My blog is available for advertising in related sewing materials, like sewing machines, fabric stores, etc. Please don't contact me if you want to advertise camera equipment.