Sunday, September 18, 2011

I don't need Anthro.

That's right. With Pinterest invading my life, I need anthro jewelry no more. Pinterst screams at me: FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF!

And I did. yesterday I mentioned this necklace:

and then I also found this one

and I decided to combine the two to make my own. One of the girl's on project runway wears an amazing pearl necklace that I've stored in my mental file folder of things to buy/make when I have the time, and luckily yesterday was the time I needed. 

Another one of my great How-To's!

You will need (all from Joann's jewelry making section):

1. gold chain, or silver, or whatever color you like!
2. pearls. lots and lots of pearls. FAKE pearls, or real pearls if you've got the dough. I used several sizes and shapes of pearls. 
3. clasp for chain
4. beading thread
5. crimp beads
6. jump rings (small and large rings). 
7. Pliers and wire-cutting pliers. 

Start off by cutting a 14" piece of beading thread. Thread one end into a crimping bead and a smaller jump loop, and then back into the crimping bead. Crimp the bead with the pliers as shown. You can not the beading thread after this if you like. I didn't because.....I didn't want to....

Start beading your thread with the pearls! I made two strands of each size bead, making 12 strands total. This was the beastly part. It took 1.5 Netflix movies till I was done. Make the same ending to the strand as done in the first step, with crimping bead and jump loop. The strand should measure 12-13 inches when done, and all strands should be the same size.

 Split the 12 strands into 2 groups of six, mixing up the different beads. Put all six strands on two large jump loop at both ends. Use the pliers.

Place the large jump loops on the chain, and close the loops. Closing the loops is tricky. I tended to overlap the loop ends to make sure they don't open. If you buy better quality supplies than what Joann's carries, this probably won't be a problem.  Does anyone know a good supplier?

Use the wire cutters to cut the chain to the length you want. If make it long enough, you won't need a clasp at all. My chain from pearl end to pearl end measures 13". I might even make it smaller. If you need a clasp, I joined large jump loops to the middle of the chain (cutting the chain again), and then put the clasp in the middle of the jump loops. 

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