Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Tools

These are my wonderful Gingher Designer Series 8 inch scissors. I bought them off ebay when i had break-down at Jo-Ann's when they were sold out. I got them cheaper anyway, no loss!

This is my sewing desk, located IN MY LIVING ROOM...tight much? extremely. How do I even cut out? Well, on the floor, naturally!

Ahhhh, my sewing machine. Activa 240 Bernina. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely. My wonderful mother bought it for me this past January for my birthday.

These little babies are my individualized slopers, that took me 35 hours to create. I had to start with a fitting dress and just alter, alter, alter until it was perfect. Then i transferred that pattern to paper, creating slopers! it sounds easy, but my sanity would tell you otherwise. Special thanks to Dr. Burnham at BYU for helping me tirelessly to get these done. I have so many pieces because my body is completely asymmetrical. Freak of nature. Figures.

1 comment:

  1. IS there a hard material to make your slopers out of? I seem to recall them being made out of chipboard or something similar for ease of tracing.