Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rolling On

TO appease Courtney and her horrified expression of the gorgeous photo I put up of her in her bodice, I decided to put myself up this morning without make-up, not even a brush in my hair. SO there ya go, Court! You aren't alone now!

This is my shabby-apple inspired dress I started about three weeks ago. I got the skirt fabric in the mail (a stretch cotton suiting..delicious), the waistband is a stretch wool, and then the top is stretch cotton poplin. I was relieved when the light bulb went on yesterday and realized I wouldnt need a zipper in this dress (since zippers are my lot in life) and the waistband was stretchy enough to go over my ample bust. I still need to add the sleeves, the rose detail on Center Front, and hem (hem quite a bit). I tend to over shoot my estimates on how long I need my dresses. I guess that's better than cutting out too little fabric. Hopefully my finished product will have some make-up on its model.

I also managed to cut out Courtney's bodice out of her fashion fabric! I have to get this dress done by tuesday so I can use it as a sample in my presentation that day. I love this print (and so does Court)!

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