Saturday, April 24, 2010

pattern making 101: part deux

Friday means....Saturday. 

To make a flared skirt out of a straight skirt pattern, it involves closing darts on the waistline, and we'll basically be doing to same thing as we did on the bodice, in that we'll make a "dart" on the hemline, but not sew it like a dart. 

Stay with me. 

To start, cut a slit from the hemline (red) to the tip of one of the skirt darts. Then, cut on one of the legs of the dart starting at the waistline to the tip (blue).  DO NOT cut through and make two pieces out of the skirt pattern. You have to make a little hinge at the tip of the dart so that you can close the dart.

Then, you will close the dart with the help of the hing. The pattern will automatically add flare to itself as the red line opens. The dart will overlap itself.

As you can see below, the skirt opens up, making a flare. This space will be filled with more pattern paper. 

You can stop here, or make even more flare! Do you dare?
You do the same thing as above with the other dart on a skirt (but if the skirt pattern you have only has one dart, don't pretend a dart and cut it, because then the waist won't fit). 

Looks simple enough, right? I hope so. Again, if anyone does this with a pattern, email me your pics and I'll feature you on Sewn and you will also get a free headband in the mail!

keep reading, because next time will be all about cutting out your fashion fabric with your now customized pattern pieces!

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