Thursday, August 5, 2010

At this moment

I am watching Project Runway, exhausted after an entire day of sewing, while the back of my mind and fingers tingle to keep sewing. I decided to start a whole new project today. My snake dress is entirely skee-wampus and not working out. I had mmy husband pin my skirt until his fingertips were all pricked to no avial. I need to go see the Doc, my BYU sewing teacher, to help me fix it. In the mean time, I took my leopard ponte knit and started a whole new dress for myself. This happens to me a lot-- i start a project, it doesn't work out perfectly well, and so I bag it for the time being and start a new project in hopes for a success. To be honest, this happens more than I would like it too.

cutting out
 On top of starting a new project, I wanted to make an entire dress in two days, making a pattern, sewing and fitting it all in 48 hours. Today, I got the pattern done, the cutting, the interfacing, and I also attempted to do a style principle that I have never done before: a center front button placket. I taught myself how to actually make a placket pattern in my old textbook, and then just made up how to sew it as I went along (bite the bullet).

placket pattern

dress pattern with placket cut-out

 The placket turned out pretty good. I have no idea if I did it the "right" way, but it does work and it looks the way it is supposed to. Luckily, i was wearing a knit skirt with a placket neckline as i was sewing, so i was constantly looking down and turning my neckline inside out.

Finished product

I ate today: three brownies and two diet cokes. Went to the bank in the morning even though i hadn't brushed my teeth yet. I think tomorrow will be the same if I force myself to finish my project by tomorrow night.


  1. Ellen, you are intense! I'm excited to see how it turns out!

  2. i love it! at least you are honest!! 3 brownies and 2 diet cokes. man, i just ate that in the last hour! ha ha. i hope tomorrow is better for you!!
    YAY project runway!! i love it so much!