Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bridgette barks at every little noise she hears.

When my husband works late I can't sleep. He didn't get home until about 4 am last night, meaning I was scared of every little noise I heard in my apartment complex, and Bridgette barked loudly. We need our man to feel protected-- feminists can gawk all they like. Because of this, I'm awfully tired (and my poor husband still woke up at 9 and went straight back to work for another late night). But I did manage to cut out the next dress in my clothing line, which will be modeled by and named after Kjrsten at Have a Cute Day (her sister has the first one, named Anna). I'm using my mustard yellow ponte knit (used in this dress) and making big 4" gray roses to put around the neck and down center front. I'm truly a genius.


  1. Looks and sounds like it's going to be cute! My favorite color right now is mustard yellow- so fall-ish!

    Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  2. can't wait to see it ellen! mine is freaking awesome!! posting photos soon. i'm going to wear it one more time first! you are awesome. kjrst is going to be thrilled!