Friday, October 1, 2010

Knots and Braids

For work today, I braided the bias strips needed for the braid detail on my polka-dot dress. I thought how the vogue pattern guide sheet had me do it was rather odd, and I thought it could have been a lot easier. The directions had me cut out a bias square of the fabric, sew up two of the sides of the square together, and then cut out one long strip from the "tube" created. It was weird. I suppose it did save some fabric in the end, but making this braid took a lot more work and time than I had anticapted. about 4 hours worth. The strips ended up being about 10 feet long, and braiding them together was a constant challenge as last night's project runway played in the background. 

The braid finally came together, and then I cut that into three separate pieces to braid together once again. The guide sheet didn't mention braiding the braids together again at all; so I was supposed to have a ten foot braid to put around the much smaller neck line? Answer me that, Vogue.

 The finished product. I do like the raveling edges of the braid against the silky texture of the charmeuse. It adds a certain "punch", as Nina Garcia loves to say.

I LoVeD Mondo's pants. 

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