Friday, November 19, 2010

Every delicious morsel.

I have approximately 15 minutes to blog before my sister, Anna, gets here. We're going out on the town before Steve and I leave tomorrow for Turkey week. Anna can't come, so we are living it up tonight with dinner and a movie.

Instead of working on Anna's coat or Kjrsten's dress today, I decided to be a little selfish and sew something for myself (I knew I would). I wanted a black PD to wear on turkey day, so I started on one. I am almost done with it, but what I'm most excited about is my new love of embroidery. I have never embroidered before, but in a flash of inspiration last night as I went to bed (my senses are highest at this time), I thought of something special to do for all my dresses and for my future clothing line. You are going to have to to tilt your pretty little heads because blogger is being really stupid and won't let me rotate my photos:

More details to come Monday!

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