Monday, November 1, 2010

Snake Dress. Mondo Honor. Serger Drama.

Lots to talk about today. Let's get down to it. 

number one

I finally gave birth to the snake dress. And I gotta say, I am a genius, kinda. I bought sequin trim from Joann's knowing that most snake appliques I've seen on the internet are made with sequins. I had to hand-stitch the sucker on my dress because my sewing machine is getting serviced and it will be gone for TEN DAYS (more on that later). I was pretty proud of myself for how it turned out. 

Or i was happy with it until I went over to Anna's (my sister) house so I could show her my great work, and she said it didn't look anything like a snake. She asked why I didn't put any eyes on the snake, and I said it was because the snake looked too cartoon-y with eyes. She was not impressed. 
Unshaken, I wore the dress to church yesterday to get more opinions. I teach teenagers in Sunday school, and without telling them what the detail was, I asked them what they thought. "It's a snake" Megan said (my new favorite). Steve came home from work later last night, and I asked him as well without any details. "It looks like a snake that is licking your boob". Close enough. I like it so I'm keeping it. So there, Anna. Yay for snake dress finally being created! 

number two 

Mondo was wrongfully terminated from Project Runway last Thursday. I was so mad I almost cried (ask Steve). I couldn't believe what Nina Garcia and Michael Kors were saying in the judging panel. I was pretty PISSED. 

So, in honor of Mondo, I decided to make the perfect dress out of a knit over-sized hounds tooth that I found at Joann's on Saturday. I love love love it. AND since my sewing machine is gone, I can't turn under the neckline, sleeves, or hem and finish them. Nor can I put on the trim on the neckline yet (still more to come on that). So this is all I have so far. Steve likes it more with the belt. 

This is for you, Mondo. You are what I aspire to be!!!

I'm also pretty darn proud that my hounds teeth line up. pretty tricky to do. I lowered the waistline on this version of the perfect dress, so that it hits at the natural waist. I can't tell yet if I like the empire waist of the yellow perfect dress or just a regular waistline. Maybe I like both equally. There's going to be a lot more of these perfect dresses, let me just say that right now. Once this dress is completely done, I'll post finished pictures. 

number three

My sewing machine is gone for ten days. TEN DAYS. Being serviced. I'm supposed to get it serviced once a year, but I've had it for two and this is the first time in the shop. Oops. 

So I make lemonade. I've been trying this whole weekend to get to know my serger a bit better. I've had the thing for about 4 months now and all I've used it for is finishing edges with a 4-thread overlock stitch. well, this beast didn't cost $2300 just for one stitch. At least that's what the manual tells me. 

This morning I've been trying to figure out how to set up the Coverstitch. The coverstitch is what most knits have on their neckline, hem, sleeve hem, etc. For the snake perfect dress I just finished the edges with the overlock stitch, and then turned the edges under and and top stitched with my sewing machine. Pretty simple. But I need to make nice with my serger. 

The directions are pretty simple to follow, but no matter how many times i thread and re-thread the stupid thing no stitches are coming out. I'm not sure what to do now. Can anyone help me??? If you live in Midvale or anywhere near, please email me and help me. SERIOUSLY. Apparently this serger and can gathers, and I really want to know how to do that too. Maybe I should just go to a store and have them teach me. What a thought. 

Do you see why I'm scared of this mother? it's a beast. Oh golly. So for the next two weeks, there is going to be a lot of blogging about the serger. This had to happen eventually.


  1. I'm no serger expert, but you have to thread it in a certain order or the stitch won't work. Usually the needle threads go last. (You probably already know that part.) As for gathering, it's really fun and fast on a serger, but you have to have a special foot for your machine. Good luck with everything!

  2. Take the class.... It's included in that wambo price! Happy Graduation!

  3. and i love your tribute to Mondo! Poor little guy!

  4. LOVE the houndstooth dress. If I could sew as well as you, I'd do a similar tribute. Seriously, I was watching the finale in complete disbelief as they deliberated over who should win. I kept saying, "You can't pick Gretchen. You CANNOT pick Gretchen." But they did. Judging FAIL.

    Good luck with the serger!

  5. Are you coming to San Marcos anytime soon? Like, to spend Christmas with your family??? If so, come take my measurements (which are not to be divulged to ANYONE..haha) and make me THAT dress! It is perfection.

    I really am serious...let's talk chica. Love you!

  6. The natural waist line, YES! More of it please. I know what's bugging me about snakey... he needs to be fed. We'll talk later.

  7. I agree . . . take the class. Worth it.

  8. love the perfect dress, either waist is good. i would probably do without the snake, but it is your dress and if you love him keep him.

  9. I am from portland so you think I would be all team gretchen, portland represnt! But I am not, she is sort of a negative nancy, and while I liked some of her stuff from previous challenges, her overall show was a snoozefest.

    GO MONDO! Love his sense of color and patterns! I wish he would have won it too, he was the best of the 3.

    that houndstooth print just knocked my socks off!