Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can I take a sick day?

Sore throat, congestion. Let's face it, I'm sick. Steve got me sick-- he's always the carrier of the virus, and never actually feels it himself enough to call in sick. I hate it. So no sewing today. I have to rest up because tonight Steve promised me we would go to the Sundance FF to stalk movie stars. I love movie stars. I'm hoping to run into James Franco or Dustin Hoffman. I've already rehearsed what I'm going to say to them. Notice how I've rehearsed lesser-known movies so they think I'm really smart:

Oh Dustin! My favorite movie of yours is, of course, The Graduate! But I love John and Mary as well! (all true)

James! You went under such a transformation in Howl! I loved it! (not true-- didn't even see it).

I've also imagined the entire cast of Inception walking on Park City Main Street toward me decked out in their suits, and then I faint or throw up from shock. Steve said if the entire cast of Inception wanted to be pen pals with me, he wouldn't mind. He's so modern and free thinking. 

Here is a blooper from filming my video for your enjoyment (and to see what a "dork" I AM):

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