Friday, January 7, 2011


Yesterday I was feeling pretty energetic about changing my living room, so I got rid of my parent's couch that they bought in the 70's when they got married. It was a 65" modular black and white uncomfortable 2-seater that Steve and I have hated since the day we got it. My mom refuses to let us sell it for "nostalgic" reasons. I hate that couch. I hate that you can't lie down completely flat on it. I hate the wood arms that make it impossible to half-lie down.

The couch in my living room pre-removal.
We removed the couch last night into storage until my mom and dad come pick it up. It was the one thing left in my living room that wasn't perfect. I had a ballsy idea about recovering it, but nothing can change it's stunted size. 

Steve and Bridge somewhat enjoying the couch. I think Steve just wants a place to snuggle our baby.
 The only problem now is that we don't have a couch. The one I want from Z-gallerie we can't afford quite yet, and I can always get one from Ikea. Do we wait for the nice one or just get the cheap one? Should I try my patience out and get the sofa I want in a few months? 

Until I decide, this is my living room. Cozy, isn't it? It actually reminds me of a failed model home. 


  1. Personally, I'd go for the cheapest IKEA sofa now. Because you can use it for awhile, and save up for a nice sofa, especially once you're in a house, not an apartment. Plus then you can always post the IKEA couch for sale on Craigslist later on.

  2. Yep, I agree. Go with IKEA. That way, you won't destroy your nice couch in a move. And you will know what will go in a more permanent home.

  3. i have to disagree...i always wait for what i really want because i will never be happy with the replacement. ikea has some cute stuff and their couches are no exception. i had considered getting one there last year as well. but i waited because i knew deep down i would just end up wanting a REAL couch a few years down the road and therefor the money dropped on the ikea couch would have been pointless. (kind of like the girl who bought the cute shirt that you made her...why buy something you are going to send to DI in a year?)
    i waited...i mean honestly, i had an empty living room for almost 4 years. with my 3 kids and legitimate VT and home teachers as well as numerous friends coming over, it was a bit embarrassing at times. but to be honest, i would do it again!! i'm so happy now! and i didn't throw away $300 at ikea all the while wishing i could afford something else the whole time.

    also, could you make me one of those jacquard skirts also? BUT i was just in utah last weekend and that would have been optimal for you to measure me. could you do it long distance or would it not be as good?

    and p.s. i am so lazy i have something to send you and just have not gotten around to it. now that i have told you i will feel inspired to get it done!!