Tuesday, March 8, 2011

About Yesterday....

Steve rarely ever reads my blog, and whenever he does, he always finds something wrong with it. Like, I spelled a word wrong, the pictures don't look very good, or I used the wrong word. This time, it was the latter. 

Remember yesterday's post? Called "Onward, Sewers"? Steve ran into the living room as I was watching the Bachelor last night, yelling in a semi mocking tone: "Ellen! You used the word SEWERS instead of just seamstresses! It doesn't mean both things!" He meant "sewer" as in a gross, nasty sewer that is meant to be left in Batman comics and Les Miserables.

I suddenly got a very confused look on my face.... did "sewer" really not mean someone who sewed? "I never thought of that...".

During a commercial, I looked it up in my handy dandy iphone dictionary, and "sewer" both means "a person who sews", like me, and "the infrastructure that conveys sewage".

SO, rest well my followers. The college education I claim to have still stands strong, even with my husband reading over my shoulder, trying to get me to not make a fool of myself on this blog as I have done so many times before.

But just to be sure, did anyone else think I meant what Steve thought I meant?


  1. Well I knew this was a sewing blog so I didn't think of the gross sewer, I thought of someone sewing. I guess if I came across it without know what your blog was I'd be confused.

  2. sewing blog = sewer

    by the way, I do the same thing to my sister's blog. something happens when your loved one is exposed to the cold harsh world. you want the best for them. he loooooooves you :)