Friday, April 1, 2011

beyond sweatpants. And an un-made bed.

I have one sleeve left to do on my blouse! I ran out of fabric from all my different mock-ups of this blouse since I was dumb and didn't use Muslin first, so I had to run by Yellow Bird Fabrics yesterday to get more for the last sleeve. I adopted the sleeve from my snake dress, which is also where I adopted the rest of the shirt from, but made them shorter. Are the sleeves to puffy? I can't tell really. When I look down on the one sleeve as I turn my head to the right, it looks really poofy from my angle, like pioneer poofy. But from the front, I can't tell. It's not like I'll re-do this shirt if they are (hell's-bells no), but I will fix it for the next blouse (and yes, there will be a next blouse!)

Sewing on the buttons was just as bad as sewing the buttonholes. I kept having to re-do five at a time because I was making the front all skee-wampus and not line up correctly with my ill-placed buttons. I did get it right, after about 3 hours. 


  1. I LOVE this! really simple but lovely!
    I would probably prefer a slightly less poofy sleeve if it were me, but I don't think it detracts from the blouse at all- will you make a jacket still? I can't wait to see it all together!

  2. I think it's cute but the collar and sleeves don't really match. With the poofy sleeve you should have a regular stand up collar and with the collar you have, a regular set-in (is that the right term?) sleeve. But I love the collar! It is so cute!

  3. I think the sleeves are too poofy. Cute shirt though!

  4. Really cute shirt, I need one for church. I have to say that I think the sleeves are too poofy though, I also agree with the comment about the sleeves and collar not really going together.

  5. I love the sleeves, but I'm not as sure about the collar.

    It's grown on me in the last 30 seconds since I saw it...hmm...I say it works!

    (Also, is it possible that people didn't like the poofy sleeves because there is only one? I saw the finished product first...)