Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I could sing it from the rooftops... I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS!

Celebrations aside, I have to get back to work. But it is fun work! 

Yesterday I started working on a new knit shirt that would have beaded embellishments on the neckline. I really wanted to experiment a lot with this project to learn new techniques and decipher which ones are the best, what works and what doesn't.

Since I knew the neckline would be beaded eventually, and that I would be embellishing on a knit, the neckline would have to be interfaced or underlined with something to hold up the weight of the beading. I thought I'd experiment with the underlining by using organza cut on the bias. 

I basted the organza to my knit (not perfeclty, but clsoe enough) and then sewed the shirt together like it was all one piece. 

I don't know if I like it though... The organza underlining is fine, but I don't like how it is put together. I think I'll start over on it today with a new technique. What I sometimes hate about "home-made" projects is that they don't look pretty on the inside, and I want that level of professionalism. This does NOT look so good on the inside, so back to the drawing board!


  1. I love the topstitching details on the collar and shoulders!

  2. i really love reading about the thought process you put in to making your garments, it is so interesting to read the process