Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is a great story

Yes. That is me with TIM GUNN oozing my way into his affections! You're eyes aren't failing you! I'm also wearing my "suit" that I made: pencil skirt, poofy blouse, and ponte knit black blazer to show off my skills at this preliminary audition for Project Runway-- that's how I thought of it at least. 

More on that later. Let's start at the beginning. 

About two months ago Steve and I saw signs in the Gateway Mall parking structure that Tim Gunn was going to be at the Lucky Store, April 30th. SO excited. I knew I had to go, which is actually the whole reason I made this suit in the first place (I never mentioned that in order to build the surprise!) Then I got my new full time job as a pattern maker, and low and behold the first Saturday that I have at my new job I have to work-- that day being today. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to get home in time to change into my suit to meet Tim Gunn. And I wasn't about the to just wear any old thing that I didn't make. Totally pointless. I knew I had to "make it work". 

With the help of the heavens, I was on my way home at 2:20 pm this afternoon. Tim Gunn started signing his new book at 1 pm-- did I even have a chance? I called The Lucky Store to see how much longer he had, and the nice girl on the phone mumbled "no idea". Great. Steve and I took our chances as I quickly pulled my blouse out of the dirty clothes basket, gave it a quick ironing, and bolted out the door with sketchbook in hand for Tim to sign. Steve dropped me off right in front of the store where there was a big line still forming, so I knew I would get my chance! Tim was still there and I was inside the red ropes! 

As I waited in line totally anxious, I saw that everyone had a Lucky shopping bag. I asked the lady in front of me:

"Do we have to buy something to meet Tim?"

"Yes. You have to spend $100 in the store before you meet him."


"Yes, I debated with my teenage daughter for two hours if we really wanted to do this, but we said 'why not?'"

She looked at my sketchbook.

"You brought your drawings for him to see, didn't you?"


"You go in there and spend that $100 dollars. It will be worth it."

Now, Lucky Brand Jeans is a great store and I have nothing against them, but the hippy-dippy flopsy-mopsy look has never worked for me or my taste, so I grabbed the first pair of men's jeans that I saw ($140) and bought them for Steve. 

I plan on returning them. tee hee. 

I got back in line, where Steve met me. He checked my teeth for junk and my breath. It was my turn, I shook Tim's hand, and the first thing I said to him was, "I made my WHOLE OUTFIT!" like a big dork. The great thing about Tim Gunn is that he is truly sincere and at least pretends to be interested in everything you are saying. He looks you in the eyes with those big blues of his and you feel like best friends. He asked me to turn around for him, and he said that the construction on my jacket was "wonderful" and he loved the roses on my skirt and how they were isolated in the corner, not too much but "just enough". I told him I just got a job as a pattern maker for a bridal company in Salt Lake. Then I ordered the girl who was working the line to take candids of me and Tim. I felt on top of the world after he gave me my copy of the book he had just signed and said:

"I am very impressed with you."

I felt amazing! Truly amazing! He took a picture with me and then asked if Steve wanted to get in the next one, and then I said, "no. just me", but Steve got in anyway just to bug me. I didn't want his horrid rain jacket to ruin the photo. I was trying to impress Tim Gunn for crying out loud.  I completely forgot to mention my sketchbook though. I was just holding it like a weirdo the entire time. Oh well. He was only allowed to sign the books anyway.

Such a wonderful day. I then bought a sweater at Ann Taylor Loft for 40% off just to top my sundae with a cherry. 


  1. Ellen, this whole post put a giant smile on my face. I adore Tim, but probably not as much as you do. I am glad to hear that he is a genuine as he seems on TV.

  2. That IS a great story! You need to get on Project Runway.

  3. I'm so jealous right now. He's one of my top ten people I want to meet.

  4. Oh, Ellen!! How marvellous!! Of course he is impressed with you - you're very talented!!

  5. That's so fun Ellen! I love your face in the first picture! :)

  6. That is awesome! Congrats!

  7. That is so awesome Ellen!

    So random/weird story. I think my blogger removed me from being your follower, because I had the thought today, "has Ellen not updated in a long time?" So I came, and you have been updating. And I wasn't a follower anymore?

    Never fear, I am again! haha