Thursday, August 11, 2011

Robin Hood

The juices are flowin, people! I am back on this wagon for good! I'm so into sewing for myself again that I started sketching during down time at work! It felt incredible! Like I could breathe again.

I thought up a new detail to my new dress to make it more interesting. I LOVE color blocking, so I thought I'd add a giant black V down center front. I was doing pretty good until two things:

1. I snipped through too many layers as I was cutting out the green fabric that would be replaced by the black, and now I have a giant snip right in the front! I'll find a doo-dad to cover it, I guess. 

2. When I tried it on for Steve, the first thing he asked was :

Are you going to keep that sleeve? No wait, you can't be. Then he looked at my face. Oh... well, all you need is a bow and arrow and you'll look like Robin Hood. 

Great.  I think I might try a lighter fabric, like a black chiffon for the bell sleeves. I want to keep this style, though. OO! Black chiffon sleeves with some black lace on the shoulders, perhaps!!

I LOVE SEWING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hold on to your hats, people. I've learned photoshop at work!

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