Monday, August 29, 2011

Wire Hanger

I'm really grumpy today. Everything Steve or Bridgette does irritates me beyond belief. All I can do is lock myself up in my sewing room and sew away my anger into my new blouse mock-up. Although the mock-up looks great on me, I still need to escape in my room tonight, perhaps go to bed early or watch Jane Eyre for the fourth time in three days. 

Now you may think that the hounds tooth looks great, but I can't bring myself to use this cheap polyester chiffon. It's bad enough I used it to line one of my jackets. I'm definitely going to use my Anna Sui silk chiffon, and the red chiffon once I get it. I'm becoming a fabric snob. 

Ah, hell. I've always been a snob.

Like I said, I'm using a jersey to line the blouse so it hugs my body and is uber comfy. I'm still hammering out the details to do this. With the mock-up, it worked out pretty well. I didn't finish it completely, I just serged the jersey to the neckline and arm openings. For the sleeves, I know I want something of a lining... but I'm still figuring it out, like I said. 

More tomorrow. As long I don't throw my laptop across the room in frustration.


  1. It looks great so far! I DO love the houndstooth in the picture though.

  2. I like the houndstooth! But silk does sound very nice. I can't wait to see what this blouse looks like when it is all finished. I love the idea of a lined flowy blouse. Beautiful.