Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The girls aren't going anywhere.

This bodice is crazy boned. The girls have no chance but to stay in place. I wish I could get a picture of it on me, but without the skirt done and Steve at school, it is left to the hanger to give it justice. I'm worried I used a little too much boning...I'll see on Friday at class.

My fitting last Friday went really well. Yes, the muslin was way too big, as I knew it would be. But that's better than being too small at a fitting!

My teacher taught us how to average seam lines in alterations once everything is pinned where it should be. 

Let's take the side seams. If we want to take in side seams, we get someone to pin a new seam line in the garment, right? Right. But NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE can take out equal amounts from both side seams to make it even. It's just not possible. but the good thing is is that you don't need to be perfect. 

My bodice with blue chalk marks showing where the new seam lines should be.

Once the garment is off, transfer each new seam line to the pattern. Then, ta da, average them to get the perfectly balanced seam line that will fit both sides! SO EASY. 

Transferring my new seam lines to my pattern. Instead of cutting out the extra from my pattern, I trace the pattern and cut it out so that I always have the old pattern to refer back to.

I love this class so much! I'm learning line crazy. I bought the charmeuse for my under-lay the other day at Yellow Bird. It cost me an arm and a leg but it's totally worth it (once again I had to curb Steve's reaction to the receipt by reminding him it's all tax deductible :D)

However, it is great to have such a great mom who buys you a new iron when your 7-year-old costco iron dies right in the middle of doing homework. You can get this little bute at Bed Bath and Beyond! It steams beautifully.

More homework tomorrow: advanced pattern making and I need to make a pair of panties for my intimate apparel class :)))

I love school!

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  1. Rowentas are THE BEST domestic irons. And I'm not sure there's such a thing as too much boning if it fits right :)