Saturday, March 31, 2012

part 5: The Sleeves (sorry for the delay)

Thursday and Friday of this week were INSANE. I've been playing catch up on all my homework since I took a week off to make this gown for Liv. The next two weeks are going to be equally insane until this semester ends. I'm thinking I may take a break from school this summer.... we'll see. 

But, as promised, the sleeves of Liv's gown are on parade today! I love sleeves. They are my favorite thing to make and design, and since I love covering my shoulders I love finding new sleeves to create. Luckily, sleeves are crazy in right now, which is weird. Sleeves have become such a huge statement in fashion and it is a wave we should all be riding. Here are a few sleeves from red carpets and what not that I've taken a lot of inspiration from:

Now I know that this Carolina Herrera dress is more about the lace than the sleeves, but I love that the designer could have easily made this a strapless gown, but decided to make a bolder, fresher statement with cute, flattering sleeves and a high neckline. So fresh. 

I love me a bedazzled sleeve. I would love to make a chiffon or silk charmeuse dress someday with jeweled sleeves, or even beaded lace sleeves. It is so pretty. 

Long sleeve lace sleeves-- love to death. Not to mention this blue lace. to. die. for. 

Architectural, structured sleeves. Nothing says power like a good pleated sleeve. I also think structural sleeves like these are very flattering. 

Now, for the sleeves I put on Liv's gown. Her sleeves are my favorite part of the whole dress. They add the best amount of detail that the bodice needed to balance the skirt that screams "SHAZAM!" 

I love the little pleats on the sleeves, and the two pleats that we added to the neckline. I love the structural esthetic of the bodice, and the romance and fun in the skirt, and how the counteract each other. I've really out done myself people. I can't wait for you to see the finished product! It will probably be in a week or so, because my mom is still filling in all the empty spots in the skirt with sequins.... poor dear. She's gonna be stitching for a while! :( Sorry mom. but we just had to do the sequins!

PS: Since this is a learning blog, here is a picture of the handpicked lapped zipper I did for the first time. I'll be doing handpicked zippers like these from now on, I think. I actually think it looks cleaner than invisible zippers.

Instead of top stitching the lapped edge in place, hand sew it with little pricks through the lapped edge so you can barely see the stitches.


  1. I'll be honest, at first I wasn't sure I would like this dress, but now I've seen the sleeves and the adorable cut to the bodice I cannot wait to see the whole thing, it looks amazing!

  2. I love the collar detail! (that Hererra dress is one of my favs). - can't wait to see the whole thing!

  3. Ellen do you ever post tutorials? I'd love to see how you did the sleeves. I think the sleeves you've done on the shirts you posted and the dresses are absolutely beautiful.