Saturday, October 20, 2012

Red Lipstick at 11 am

Oh boy. It's been awhile for me writing in the ol' blog. 5? 6 months? geez louise.

A lot has happened since the last time I was here. I finished my 1st semester at SLCC Fashion Institute, finished my evening gown (see below), took a summer class in Fashion Illustration (got an A and was told that I would succeed in the design world by my teacher... so I'm kind of a big deal...), got elected Fashion Club President at my school without even running (a different teacher asked me to do it, in case you were doubting my legit-ness), did 2 fashion shows (pics to come), made 3 tops that are great, and made a wedding dress for a client.

Why didn't I blog all this? I guess because I was burnt out. Like, put-some-salt-water-on-that-beachside-bonfire-burnt out. Yes, I am really busy, but I am still sewing a lot for myself. And hopefully in the next month I'll have pics of everything I did while I was away.

Am I back to blogging regularly? Yes. Will I be posting tutorials and step by step stuff like I have in the past? Prob not. BUT I will be blogging all of our Fashion Club activities, so that all you Salt Lake peeps can come see in person and look at my work! It'l be great!

So here is the long awaited evening gown I made my first semester at SLCC Fashion Institute. It is REALLY TIGHT. I had to do a hook and eye closure on the back instead of a zipper because a zipper would never work-- it is that tight. But, I look amazing in it and all that boning has been used wisely. I love this dress. Hopefully I'll find a place to where it someday (seeing that my waistline doesn't suddenly explode... eesh). My favorite part? The lace trim on the hem. yeah, that's all handstitched...

Oh, and I cut off all my hair. It's the new me! Hello red lipstick!

Bridgette watched from the balcony of our apartment during our photoshoot. She can't be ignored.


  1. Happy to see you are back and doing so well. Your dress is beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous! Welcome back to blogging! :)

  3. This dress is amazing! Well done! I'm new to your blog, just thought I'd say hello!