Saturday, November 21, 2009

2nd Dress Status Update!

My 2nd Dress has finally begun in construction. I'm using a Vera Wang poly-blend shantung-- i particularly love the floral print, in that it is geometric yet still soft in form. I love shantung material because it makes great stiff shapes while, again, still being soft and flowy. I'm going to fully line the dress in a dark purple material, either shantung or crepeon sheer. I hope you all like it when it's finished!

The picture above is the bodice (hanging on the chair because i don't have a dress form...). the shirring effect comes from the dart leg and graduates to the side seam. I came up with this design in my pattern making class, and made up a sample of it for an assignment. I've wanted to use it again for awhile. 

Here is a close-up of the fabric. i love this print!!

This is the pattern for the Bodice front. I had to slash from the dart leg to the side seam and spread the pieces in order to make the shirring. You have to add more fabric into any pattern in order to make gathers or any added volume.

A typical Saturday morning. "Sewing immerses me in the pleasure of making something, and reminds me that not everything is made up of pixels" - Meribah Knight, O Magazine


  1. I LOVE this print!looks like a print that would be at banana. it is going to be gorgeous! cant wait to see it. i think stevo needs to get you a dress form for christmas!

  2. You're speaking a foreign language. Love it.

  3. I love that print too! Also, I really wish I could just hire you to make all of my clothes for the mish...