Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Indiana Thanksgiving

Indiana is very rainy right now. My neices, nephews, Steve, and my sister-in-law Traci are all getting ready to go to the city, so i thougth it the perfect time, without my neice Coley taking over the lap-top for facebook purposes, to update on my dress.

I HAVE been sewing, rigourosly. sunday night, the night we got here, i started to sew, but my sister-in-law's machine had some weird tension issues. the poor old beast had its last stitch i think. so Traci went to two of her neighbors and got machines for me to test out. when i woke up on monday, it was like a dream. TWO machines on the table, ready for me to test and try out for my own personal use for the week. Indiana has its charms.

This is the machine i chose, a Brother Pacemaker (odd name). it sews beautifully-- very smooth and fast. And it has all the digital upgrades with embroidery options. If my bernina weren't practicaly my child, i would go buy this machine. I love it.

So for my dress, ive lined the bodice and basted on the skirt so far. the skirt is gathered. It's not as full as a i imagined it, simply becuase the shantung matieral is so light. Hopefully when i line the skirt, it will poof out more. I went crazy and added a scallopped hem. This is my first time doing scallops, and i'm really happy so far.

I still need to turn under the facing, but doesn't it look cute?? I think it goes really well with the femininity of the fabric.
I think i'm going to take off the skirt, however, and add a waistband. The fullness from the bodice with the gathers and then with the skirt isn't helping my figure much. I hope i can make this work. if i'm brave, ill put up a picture of me in the dress so far.

Pray for my invisible zipper insertion!

from Hannah and me.
Happy turkey..

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  1. Indiana does have its charms, doesn't it? LOVE LOVE LOVE the scalloped edges! UH-mazing.