Sunday, November 29, 2009

So-So- Sewing Day

Sundays are meant to be a day of rest, but i hardly rested.

This is my area to sew. as you can see, it is also the living room/steve's office. i have about three feet of space to move around, and with the ironing board, it becomes even more difficult. when i started sewing today, i brought out the ironing board, unfolded it, and all of the sudden a wave of anxiety just washed over me. i started yelliung at steve, who was minding his own business, to help me move the ironing board away from the bike (next to steve in the picture balancing on the back wheel). i started stomping my feet as i collapsed on the couch. steve yelled back at me: "ellen, RELAX". he went and got me an extension cord for the iron so that i wouldnt have to put it close to my desk but more in the kitchen (which is right behind me as i take this picture). Steve opened the door and waved it back and forth to create a breeze as i proceeded to rub my hands up and down my stomach.

I have never really had an anxiety attack before today. and of course later on i knew i had the invisible zipper to put in. geeze louise. i cannot WAIT TO MOVE IN MARCH. that is a severe understatement.

GET A LOAD OF MY TOTALLY INVISIBLE ZIPPER! This is the best zipper i have ever done, and i totally owe it all to Steam-a Seam. It's basically double sided tape that steams on to fabrics to hold seams, or in my case zippers, together. i couldn't believe how well it worked in holding the zipper to the fabric as i sewed. i'll be using it for every zipper from now on. thanks steam-a-seam!
All that is left to do is the sleeves and hemming the lining. and yes, i am lining the entire dress in purple lining material. i know i said i was going to use shantung, but it would have made the dress a little too bulky. I'll be done tomorrow for sure. I know, i know- i'll be a day late but i've got my evening gown to work on too! Until tomorrow then!

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  1. Oh baby! You'll be okay! And great job on the zipper!!!!