Monday, November 30, 2009

a big thumbs down.

and i'm not going to take the time to finish the sleeves. i was going to to do petal sleeves like the last one, but i knew that i would NEVER wear this dress anywhere. i feel like i've just wasted a bunch of good fabric. it is going to stay in my "failed" projects suitcase, deep in the closet. here are the problems:

the waistband is too low. i made the mistake of adding in the band last minute without taking anything off the bodice or skirt, so now my body looks disporportioned and the skirt is way long.

the bodice is too big and unflattering. my boobs look huge, and not in a good way.

good things: i've learned a lot this project, including how to make the scalloped hem and invisible zipper. 'tis a pity that they will be hidden from the world....

.... or will they? my next dress i will make is my Christmas dress, made of stretch gray wool and a jewel applique around the neck. i cannot WAIT to make this dress. it too will have scallops, and of course, an invisible zipper. i'll post a fabric swatch when it comes, in the mean time, here is my almost completed hand-stitched jewel neckline:


  1. Have you thought about saving the bottom half of the dress??? Just turn it into a skirt!

  2. I'm with B. Also: you HANDstitched that?! So cool.