Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Hardest Part

I need a black skirt that goes to my knees, is high-waisted, and will goo with everything that i have that is black/matches black. I only have my favorite navy skirt right now that i wear almost everyday, and then i have all these great black shoes that just go to waste because they dont match the navy! Or, i just feel gutsy and wear my black shoes with my navy skirt anyway (much like today...).

so, i need a black skirt. but what fabric do i use???? This is the hardest part in sewing. a garment is only at it's full potential if it has the correct fabric. I have yet to take the textiles class at BYU, so i rely on buying swatches of fabric online before getting a whole order. However, fabric.com is the ONLY store i know of that has the greatest amount of fabric that is swatch-able. fashionfabricsclub.com only swatches like TEN of all the fabric they have... some club.

my beloved navy skirt is just made out of simple cotton twill. right now, in the BYU library, i am trying to decide between black shantung or a stretch cotton poplin for my black skirt.  I want something with a little more sheen... perhaps a silk dupioni? they are so many options, so many fabric-weights... do i get a print or no print? And then there is the cotton-silk poplin i stumbled upon.. i have never even heard of cotton/silk poplin! How am i supposed to make a decision!!!????

and then i get distracted by prints, like plaid and stripes. i love big, bold stripes- especailly in funky colors like this other silk dupioni:

Or this thick-striped silk shantung:

Or this AMAZING taffeta:

Wouldnt these be amazing skirts???? and then i try to focus back on solid black, and the search continues, with more distractions to come.

I ordered swatches, so ill put them up when they arrive. I love getting swatches in the mail. it's like Christmas.


  1. Once again, I would love it if you could make me a high-waisted, mid-calf length skirt for the mish. Also in black. You know, since you have so much time.

    P.S. My word verification was misho! HA!

  2. you are so talented ellen!

    and ps. you can wear black and navy together! i promise!!