Friday, December 4, 2009

Evening Gown Update

For my senior project at BYU, I'm working on an evening gown with my sewing teacher, Dr. Burnham. I'm going to make it out of a wonderful metallic linen that i found at, and the underskirt (which will be gold, not purple), is out of dupioni silk. i am SO EXCITED FOR THIS PROJECT!! I have worked over 60 hours so far, and i'm still working on the muslin mock-up. Here's what i have so far:

The sleeves are still being worked out, so ignore the one sleeve completely. Dr. Burnham and i worked on this very intersting black/sleeve detail that i found on a hugo boss dress:
as you can see, there is a really cool back yoke that extends over the shoulder creating a little sleeve "flap". while Dr. B and i were working on it today, she said she was just "tickled" by it. i'd say that's a good sign. what do you think of the sleeve detail?


  1. Dr. Burnham was TICKLED?! What the?! That's a great sign! You HAVE to send me pictures of the finished product--- its your only choice. Park City TOMORROW!