Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i'm enjoying christmas vaca far too much

i havent picked up a needle, scissors, or my pattern making paper in a week and a half, and i have to say i am happy to take a break. Christmas was wonderful with LOTS of shopping and happy times with my family in san diego. provo just isnt cuttin it with all this nasty snow. blahhh.

i know i still need to finish my christmas dress, which i will do tomorrow if my husband doesnt distract me too much. and then i am going to start on a new dress out of this wonderful silk dupinoni:

This dress is going to be simple, simple simple. no confusing pleats, scallops, or crazy waistbands to give me a headache! i really want to make something that i feel ANYONE could make if they so desired, sewer and occasional sewer alike. 

with all the shopping i did, i realized how much quality in a garment really is. i bought a really cute poofy dress from h&m, and during the family fashion show the day after christmas when we model all the clothes we bought, the zipper just popped open as i strutted down the runway-- and it wasnt from extra christams treats hiding in my waistline, it was just CHEAP. even though i knew i could return it or fix it if i really wanted to, i got so mad. i dont understand why clothing brands have a hard time manufacturing clothes that are actually functional and not hangin on my a thread. is it too much to ask for clothes to just WORK, ZIP, BUTTON, or HANG the way it should? why put so much money in to a business without at least considering a piece of clothing after it leaves the store and how it is going to look at home? i mean, people are walking ads for clothing brands, after all. FOR HEAVENS SAKES, just make a zipper that works! i will say, however, that all my other christmas purchases are very well made. and i made a new year's resolution to never buy cheap-o shoes again. just a waist of money when they only look good for a day.

happy 2010. hopefully i'll have the dress finished by tomorrow or thursday.

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