Thursday, December 17, 2009

i've made a decision. well, two actually.

1. i will finish the dress, but not put the jewel applique on it (i want to save it for something really good). I wont finish it until after Christmas, however. i need to take a break for the holidays. when i come back after chirstmas, i will finish the dress so that it is wearable, photograph-able, and totally finished. im not going to let myself quit, i tell you! never!

2. i need to relax on my projects. everything is getting too complicated-- less is more, my dad always says. stretch wool, a tiered scalloped hem, plus a scalloped yoke, and a jeweled applique is too much. much too much. i need to go back to basics on my designs if i ever want to learn how to do something that is actually worth wearing. I have to walk before i can run in the fashion world.

that's enough cliches tonight. merry christmas.

1 comment:

  1. Great job, I know you can do it! I miss you!