Monday, December 14, 2009

Instead of Studying

Finals week has started at BYU. i'm not a very stressful person, so i've never really worried about finals. I just dont get stressed about stuff like that... i dont know why. i actually LOVE finals week because i can stay up late, sleep in, and i have no class. that means plenty of time for sewing!

Last night i made the pattern for the skirt of my chirstmas dress and cut it out. I am doing a three-tiered gather skirt with graduated scalloped hems on every tier. i'm sooo excited to see what comes of this, simply because i've never done this before and i have to play it all by ear.

These are the cut out patterns of the tiers laid out how they will look on the dress. The scallops get larger going down the dress and over lap with every tier.

Laying out the skirt pieces and their facings. Scalloped hems have to have facings, because no one wants to turn under a curved hem because they know they would fail. As do i. So, facings are it! And if you use the right fabric, a lot of scallops don't even need to be edged finished, like if you used a chiffon.... just food for thought. 

Cutting out. It took me a total two hours to cut all the pieces for the front and back out, as well as an hour to make the actual pattern.

SO, how am i actually going to do this, you wonder? well, i'm going to sew the top tier to my waist , and then cut out a skirt lining and sew the 2nd and 3rd tier to that. easy peasy. i know i'll have issues placing each tier on the right spot of the skirt, but well climb that mountain when we get to it. for now, i should probably start studying. 


  1. Blah blah to studying.

    I love this dress already.

  2. You are so talented.
    Finals shminals. Britt can "blah" them, cause she doesn't have any. LUCKY.