Saturday, December 12, 2009

Late Night Again

Yesterday i cut out the bodice of my christmas dress and finished the jeweled applique. I love the scallops on the bodice! i had no idea how i was going to do stitch the scalloped yoke on to the bodice. i figured out to sew on a yoke lining and then top stitch the scallop yoke on around the edges. it looks so good and so clean! stretch wool is amazing to work with-- very user friendly and stable. a lot of my first sewing projects used wool because it just looked good sewn. I feel like a lot of fabrics don't end up working well in a homespun garment, simply because it's not the factory machine doing all the work, but imperfect human hands! especially my very young sewing hands

Pinning the edges to turn the edge seam allowance under in preparation to stop stitch.

top stitching the yoke to the bodice. top stitching a generally scary experience. it's basically sewing blind. Total hours to sew the bodice (without sewing the neck facing): approx 6 hours, including cutting.

Next i finished the jeweled applique. i didn't really have a set design, i just made patterns as i went. i take no-pre made patterns seriously, people (talk about sewing blind).  i LOVE this. it's going to look soo good around the neck of my dress. i'm going to make it look like an actual necklace by stitching ribbon around the neck of the dress, which will be attached to the corners of the applique. i was inspired by J crew's t-shirts, but with a more glam-holiday feel. The ribbon will end with a big bow at the back of my neck! like a big present!

i'll be sewing all day today as well. yeah for finals time! no class! (wonderful attitude).


  1. A-MAZING!!!! I LOVE THE APPLIQUE SO MUCH! It's beautiful!

  2. This is fabo-lussss. I love love love it.