Friday, December 11, 2009

Stayed up all night sewing

Today is a reading day at BYU and are meant to prepare for finals. I, however, took advantage of a free friday by staying up late thursday to sew. I worked on my evening gown mostly. I decided to completely sack the Hugo boss sleeves, because i found even better sleeves! Portia de Rossi was on the View the other day, and had the most amazing dress on with these cool cape-like sleeves. She's the one in the gray dress.

They were SO COOL! i loved how they moved with her arms and seemed to just hug her shoulders! the best modest sleeves EVER. to make the pattern, i had to guesstimate where everything went, like the length, the added fullness on the shoulder... it took much trial and error. but that's the beauty of NPMPS! (no pre-made pattern sewing... that's me creating an acronym). Today i'm meeting with Dr. Burnham to check out my *hopefully* final muslin before i can start altering my flat patterns and cut out my evening gown in the REAL fabric!!!! yahoo. Above is what i have so far of the sleeves. i'll be tweeking them a bit more, but they look good, dont they?

My Christmas dress fabric has arrived, and ill start cutting out after my meeting with Dr. B today. i'll prob post later tonight with those updates.