Saturday, January 9, 2010

Drum Roll Please....

I've Finished. Finally. isn't it cute?

My sister came over last night and as i was modeling the dress for her, the stupid cheap zipper popped open. for this reason i wasnt ready to go out to a restaurant and take pictures in it there, like i said before. and i HAVE NOT gained any weight at all. i swear. i know what you're thinking! i've just had some unlucky zippers lately, and it's driving me nuts. any one know of some good, quality zippers?


I think the belt really helps the dress not seem so "cutsy". and it sort of hides the left waist seam that bulges out from me trying to alter it. all in all, once i replace the zipper, i actually really like this dress. i'm happy i finished.

Now, i'm sure everyone has noticed that i'm not exactly living up to my word and producing two dresses a month. right now, its been like one dress every six weeks! i promise i'm trying. after seeing my somewhat lacking grades for last semester, i realize i cant exactly not do homework and just sew if my goal is to graduate. that's why, from this day on, i'm simplifying my designs so i can get them done in a timely manner.

i'm off to my birthday lunch with my hubby. happy 22.


  1. oooook... i love it! it is definitely NOT too much! and it looks great with the belt, shoes and those tights!

  2. My sis in law sent me over, she loves your Blog and she doesn't even sew ( I sew for her) Fabulous dress, scallops and all!!! Good luck with 2 dresses a month goal!
    p.s I know a great pattern maker in Salt lake, if you can draw it she can make a pattern.


  3. Just found you from c jane, I just wanted to tell you how talented you are and how much I love this dress! Great job!

  4. I found you via cjane too! I LOVE that dress! It's such a cute turn on the "classic little black" the ruffely(not sure that is a word) look of it!
    You should really capitalize on your postpartum dresses..I'm due in 6 weeks...oof!

  5. Another cjane recommend. What's a girl gotta do to get this dress made in her size? I see you are in school and very busy. Not wanting to add to your load, perhaps a post semester deal can be struck? Let me know via my profile link.

  6. I love your work! (and I found you via Cjane as well) I agree with Suzanne, postpartum dresses sound too good to be true. I'd love one, or even some recommendations on making one myself, for after my next baby.

  7. ELLEN! This is Jane Long, from your ward last year. (BYU 93rd) I just saw you on CJane's blog! You're practically famous! Ha ha. Anyway your dresses are beauuutiful!!