Friday, January 15, 2010

I had an idea

Sewing and designing are visual arts, and you all should probably know what is going on in my head when i dream up and sew a dress (besides the mild cursing of frustration). So from now on, i'll be posting the designs of my dresses that i make before each dress. I dont know why i didnt do this before, but what's past is past. Here is my next dress that i'll be starting when the fabric decides to show up:

I call it "sunshine in winter" as it is about 30 degrees in Provo right now. I'll be using olive green silk dupioni for the skirt and waistband, with white stretch cotton poplin for the top. I'm so excited for the poplin because it is just really good quality. I cant say this is an exact likeness of yours truly, but i will say i love the shoes. 

I'm going to be so crazy busy this semester. I signed up for a basic entrepreneurship class, and my group and i are starting this rad wedding veil business. Be ready to be blown away. More info to come soon.  

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  1. You are so full of good ideas! Love it. Love you.