Saturday, January 16, 2010

it was one of those days... that ended with a yellow bird.

welcome to my friday night:

now, i know how this looks: slightly appealing yet overall disgusting. that was my thought process as KFC digested. ugggh.

this mess, however, was on my living room floor for two days as my husband patiently walked over it as he walked through the door coming home from work. I've been working on my evening gown for school as my fabric for my blog dress crawls its way to my home. i dont understand why the poplin is taking so long to get here. has never had fast shipping, but i ordered it about 9 days ago.... i think i deserve something a little better....

which is what led me to Yellow Bird Fabrics this afternoon. this is the only fabric store that sells designer fabrics in all of utah valley/ salt lake. i finally found it on the internet last night as i was searching for a place that sold French Netting for my wedding veil business. here is my phone conversation with a a worker at jo-ann's fabric store when i called concerning the location of where to find the fore-mentioned French netting:

"this is Allen (made up name, but totally male). Thanks for calling Jo-ann's...oh, ugh *grunting of frustration* the cord is wrapped around me... stupid cord! 

Me: ""

Allen: "hang on. i'm almost free.."

Me: *uncomfortable laughter*

Allen: "STUPID cord! ok... i'm free. how can i help you?"

Me: "i'm wondering if you sell French netting?"

Allen: "uumm, *French* netting?"

Me: *sighs* "yes, French Netting. it's used in wedding veils."

Allen: "you mean, like tulle?"

Me: "yes, like tulle. but it has a larger weave"

Allen: "a larger weave, huh? well i know we have all sorts of tulle in different colors. i can go check if any of them are French for ya."

Me: *defeated* "no, that's alright. thanks anyway."

I have expected these results when i called. I loved going to Yellow Bird and bashing Jo-ann's about how incompetent the entire company is. i have found my fabric home in Yellow Bird. i want to eat their Anna Sui silks. and i got my French netting lickity-split.



  1. are you ever going to post again???

  2. Ha Ha. I read this post to my husband. He gets mad at me when I go to Jo-annn's because he says I always come home in a bad mood. I think this helps him understand why I come home in a bad mood and that I am not the only one. Thanks for supporting local business. I hope your dress projects are going well. I'm excited to see the finished products.

  3. Every time I return from Jo-ann's I say I am never going back. They have junky fabrics and EVERY person working their is miserable! It must job requirement!

  4. I meant to say ..."working THERE..." not "their"...duh! and "...must be a job requirement!". That is what I get for typing and talking to a 4 year old at the same time!