Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dress Drama

It has been two weeks since i've posted, and it's NOT because i've been slackin'. quite the opposite.

My capstone project, sewing and designing an evening gown, has taken over my life right now because, well, i have to graduate. and it has given me major drama. The metallic linen that i so gushed about is lookin like a 1950's version of a futuristic space suit. cheap and shiny. not for an evening gown.

somehow the GREY that it was supposed to be, has turned into a disgusting baby blue. i've checked my sanity by asking other sewers that were in the BYU sewing lab. the very PC opinions were as follows:

"i would never pick that."

"i think it needs embroidery or some sort of sparkly." (like i can do that...AND that's what the metallic was for!)

"i usually go for more color."

now that i'm scrapping that fabric, i'm trying to decide between a duchess satin or this amazing metallic, almost gunmetal silk:

It's real silk with actual metal woven into it. SO COOL. i'm hoping the swatch comes soon!!! i'll try to post more, but school is kickin my butt. and i really need to graduate. i have cut out the bodice to my blog dress, and soon the skirt will be cut out as well. pics to come!


  1. you should just post about your project for now so that you are not so much stress! love the space suit pic!

  2. my sister is always looking out for me.