Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Need Your Help!

So i got my swatches in the mail for my big evening gown decision. 

My decision fabric has to match the gold dupioni silk, because I can't afford to buy a new silk color when I'm already buying new fashion fabric. 

Here is the metallic silk i found with the gold:


The metallic silk has brown, silver, and gold metallic thread woven through black silk. I love the texture because it has the same consistency as wool suiting, but it isn't too bulky either. Dr. Burnham, my sewing adviser, is cautious about this black material with my gold dupioni silk because she thinks it might be too busy with both textures together. I don't know though... I think it is FABULOUS TOGETHER!

Here is the black duchess satin with the gold:


Now, this may be the "safer" choice when it comes to design, but this duchess satin is AMAZING. It's really sturdy and doesn't have that tacky shine that most satin comes with. This could make such a simple black evening gown, with a pop of gold coming through. 

I can't decide!!! Opinions Please!!!


  1. Ellen, I like the second option. I think it looks more classic. Maybe its just the picture but the first one kind of reminds me of denim which is not right for an evening gown. Either way i know it will look great!

  2. I agree with Mallory. I think the second choice looks fab!

  3. yeah, maybe it is just the picture but the first sample does not look like evening gown material. I think the second would be gorgeous. The first sample looks like it would be good for a pencil skirt. the gold pop will be fabulous.

  4. I like the second option too. I can't wait to see the final product!!