Tuesday, February 9, 2010

thanks...err..but no thanks

SO, everyone that replied to my last post said to do the duchess satin... but i'm going to use the silk metallic. 

i understand the concerns that the silk looks like denim, but i promise it is just the quality of the picture that makes it look so. Today i met with Dr. Burnham again and she said the silk almost becomes a mix between feminine and masculine details, with the sparkles and twill together in one fabric (twill is a type of weaving, also used in denim-- which is why it looks like denim!). I had to agree. i promise the material is more like a wool suiting than anything, and even though it looks like white material is woven into it, its just the sparkles being photocopied.

i hope i have defended my choice enough. please dont stop reading just because i asked for your opinions when i had kinda already made up my mind...it is nice to have other opinions, of course. I think it's better to have a good photocopier.

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