Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who Needs Chocolate?

My husband, the dear man he is, surprised me last night with a great V-day present. Decadent, yet still useful. Chocolates get moldy and flowers die, but books are eternal!

The 2004 Chanel biography filled with rare photos? For me? You shouldn't have!
Very entertaining and full of fun facts, such as affairs with Nazis, the fascination with muslin, and the first menswear inspired items for women! Duly noted! 

Before catching a movie last night, Steve and I went to a used bookstore in Provo, and I came upon this little treasure for a mere $6.50:


The Vogue Sewing Book, with all the great features of a torn book cover that every book-lover loves. Vogue is responsible for keeping home-sewers on their toes with tantalizing techniques that will make you thread-pick your eyes out. However, I am a survivor; I will be strong. 

Valentine's Day has been good to me this year. Steve always does it up right. I'll get more pics of my top later tonight when we head to the symphony! We are so cultured.


The look on my face may be of intimidation, but it is only fascination. 

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