Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wow! My 40th Post!

I love Tuesdays and Thursdays because i dont have class till 2. this means sleeping in, doing hw, and hopefully squeezing some sewing in. last week i finished the navy version of the white shirt i made last time. and because it's a Thursday, i dont get ready till about 1, which means the shirts are laid on the couch for the picture.... not on me.

They are best friends. And i LOVE them. Their names are (left to write) Piper and Sheila.

Piper has ruffles around the yoke, and the ivory flowers were a last-minute decision. I think it adds a lot of personality, and they were so easy to do! The biggest flower is made by just gathering a strip of fabric, placing it on the shirt, and stitching. Viola! A gorgeous accessory for any outfit.

Sheila needs some attention too. She is first-born, after all. 
Don't tell Shelia, but i like Piper more...


I really want to make another one with a cool gray and black rose-print linen. Hopefully i'll have time next tuesday to start!


  1. LOVE Piper! She is precious. Totally make the gray one!

  2. The flowers are Piper are darling! I want one :)

  3. If I was interested in one of your shirts would that be at all possible??? I am in Canada and found you through cjane. If so email me at

    Thanks so much,
    (I think that you are so talented)