Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Am a Cottage Capitalist

I have made it to the finals of the BYU Home Based Business Plan Competition, for a line of postpartum dresses to be sold through an online store. 

**insert jumping for joy and calling everyone I know here**

But that's only half the battle. 

I have to present my plan and ideas March 23rd to a panel of judges, with 3 other finalists. Yikes. I must win their hearts and minds to get the 5 grand. 

Bribing with cookies is not an option, nor is it allowed. 

I'll be very busy the next couple of weeks. Please pray for my sanity and my husband's patience.

Life is hard, but i can do hard things. i think.


  1. Goood Luck. It takes guts to do what you are doing and heart. I can see you have both.

  2. A one-in-four chance? Those are good odds!

  3. how exciting!!

    good luck.

    i have faith in you.

  4. Ellen! Good luck! you go girl!

  5. congratulations! this is exciting and genius!

    have you thought about collaborating with or getting ideas from someone who is in fashion or interested in fashion trends?

    just an idea.

  6. Good luck. We are rootng for you and know you deserve this!!!

  7. How awesome! Congratulations and good luck!!!