Sunday, March 14, 2010

new friends

Saturday I met up with the adorable Sara, her mom, and equally adorable sister Chloe to talk about sewing. They found my blog through cjane, and Sara is an inspired and obsessed little 13-year-old just like I was about clothes, and her mom was so cool to contact me and ask me to meet her daughters. 

Sara had questions prepared and ready for me to answer, and I have to admit that it was nice to have a little audience to preach to about sewing. I gave her some simple advice and homework to start on now with sewing and learning about fashion so that she can be 10 times more prepared than I am when she reaches the ripe-old age of 22.

But of course, we digressed about Masterpiece Theater, Mr. Darcy, Shakespeare, and London. Kindred spirits we are.

Meeting the next generation of seamstresses and designers is the greatest of pleasures. Out of everything I do, to inspire and help someone who I was so like at that age is my goal. 

My advice for Sara (and all beginning sewers):

1. Experiment with sewing. Experiment any way you can (even if all your messed-up clothes go hide in a suitcase). 
2. Get to know fabrics.
3. Gain inspiriation from other designers
4. Draw and write about clothes everyday. EVERYDAY SARA!

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  1. Thanks again for meeting with us Ellen. It was great fun stuffing our faces with hamburgers and fries while talking about Mr. Darcy, Shakespeare and fashion. It really can't get much better.:)