Thursday, April 8, 2010

As I promised

Here is my next dress design:
The snakes on the skirt wrap around me and then there is the snake on the neck. All will be done with pearls.  The skirt has four knife pleats with a slight a-line. Hits at natural waist.

I need real drawing markers. I feel like a kindergartner designing clothes sometimes. "That's so good Ellen! Stay inside the lines!" 

My dad uses the prismacolors as an architect, and gosh darnit I need them too!


  1. i love it!!!! (i stalk this blog occasionally) i love the original t-shirt but as i dont ever wear trousers i have no time for tops but a dress! genius!

  2. I am excited to see the finished dress! If you convince your husband to move to southern cali you are welcome to take part in my prisma color addiction. I have all the markers and most pencils-I was spoiled before getting pregnant and am glad I did it then since everything her eon out will be for our little boy.

  3. Aaaaaa that snake dress looks awesome. I have been loving all of the snake jewelry I've been seeing around lately.