Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hot Trend: Snakes!

Breezing through my april issue of Lucky magazine, I found this picture of Emma Watson, wearing a snake applique t-shirt, and feel in love. I adore new trends like these, that bring an edge of rock and roll to clothing while still staying sweet. My next dress will be based on this trend, and I'm really excited because I haven't done a lot of edgy stuff... simply because I haven't found my edginess yet. But the snakes are speaking to me, and the next dress will be postpartum friendly with an exposed zipper down center front. 

My husband hasn't set up our scanner yet since we moved, so I'll have to describe my design to you through the written word. 

Imagine: Black stretch cotton suiting (used in the skirt of my shabby-apple dress) used for the entire dress. a big, black exposed zipper down center front, pleated elbow length sleeves, and a big neck yoke (like in Cassandra). Then, for the punch of rock and roll, while still being sweet, a pearl-applique snake that wraps around the neck yoke! Pearl snakes! HOW AWESOME. around the skirt hem would be two more snakes that lay on the side seams, as if they are slithering in a big circle, also in pearl details. Pearl snakes, stretch cotton suiting, and an exposed zipper? i think i have found my edge. 

I hope i haven't scared anyone with the snakes. I promise it will be cool. To prove it i'll make my husband plug in the scanner so I can post the drawing tonight.

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  1. very awesome! IF I happen to join the pregnancy/postpardum ranks (thinking about it!) I WILL be in line for this dress!!!

  2. Ellen.

    Oh. Ma. Word. I just caught up on your blog and look at you all famous! I'm like a proud mommma. And can I just say I'm IN LOVE with the snake applique! Emma Watson always knows how it's done!

    You're a beauty. I hope you're loving your new spacious party pad. Also- I miss you.