Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Cassandra, Piper's Cousin

This blouse is another version of the infamous blue shirt, Piper, that was seen on cjane. I bought this fabric last spring when i went to NYC with my sewing teachers and twenty other girls who love clothes as much as i do. I found it in on 7th avenue, Fashion Ave, where fabric store after fabric store is lined up, fulfilling every sewer's dream. I even went shopping in the infamous Mood fabrics where all the designers from Project Runway shop. I bought about 40 yrds of fabric the last time i was in NYC, and i am DYING to go again to replenish my stash.

I've been meaning to use this cabbage-rose printed linen for a while now. I recently designed a dress using the fabric for Shabby Apple's Dare to Design contest a few months ago, where non-professional designers can submit a dress for Shabby Apple to use in their spring line. Sadly, i didn't even get the top twenty.


I was indeed heartbroken. 
But when life throws you a dud, make a shirt out of it!


My headband is from Fleur and Feather



I love the little lace detail. I decided to do the longer sleeves instead of the stand-by petal sleeves that Piper has just to mix things up.
Which shirt is your favorite? Cassandra, Piper, or Sheila?


  1. I like all of them but Piper is my favourite, I think. Loving the fabric on this one though!
    The dress you designed looks adorable, too.

  2. I have to say I really like Cassandra. you can make me one if you want. Love you Ellen!

  3. holly moley i love cassandra!!! LOVE that fabric and the lace detail. But I still really like piper and sheila.

  4. You are a super talented woman. I came over from Cjane and now I'm following! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  5. I'm loving the sleeves on Sheila. I am hoarding fabric like nobody's business but I'm too scared to cut it up without a pattern! How do I make a shirt like Sheila?
    Found you from cjane, and I'll be checking on your creations on a regular basis!

  6. I love this shirt! I just saw it over on Courtney's blog and wondered, hmmmm, where did she get that top? And I clicked over to your blog and tada...there it was. Sooo cute! Excellent work!