Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Itch

yesterday was a big day. I finished Cassandra, did my homework, made a whole presentation for my History of Apparel class on Marie Antoinette, worked on my evening gown, and made a delicious dinner for my husband of sweet potatoes and quick chili all before 8 pm. I was in bed looking up patterns and clothing to potenially buy or make myself when i saw this Shabby Apple dress:

Now, even though Shabby Apple did not even consider my Dare to Design Dress a couple of months ago, I do realize that they have at least some fashion sense. I have been drooling over this dress for quite some time, and debating whether or not i should make it.

Last night, when i should have been enjoying my time off for at least one night, when i should have remembered that i had just vacummed the mountains of thread on the floor, i had to start making this dress.

But with my own modifications, of course. :)

Here is the top that i started with a camisole for modesty's sake. 

This deep V-neck is what i am doing for my evening gown as well, and since i already had the pattern made, i saw no reason to start on this dress. I was going to use the top for Sunshine in winter, but i never got around to making it. My modifcations from the SA dress are:

Empire waistline (ten times more flattering)
deep v-neck for an ample-bust reduction (100 times more flattering)

but i will be putting the giant white flower over the deepest part of the V so my decolletage is not busting out. The waistband is a lycra-wool blend that i used on my scallop dress over Christmas. I realized later that i should have checked to make sure that i had enough gray wool left to make the skirt... i'm thinking i'll have to buy more. But no worries! I have a wonderful husband who supports my sewing 100% (and with all the new readers, he realizes now his investment in my fabric may actually go somewhere than just pictures for the world to see...perhaps a clothing line?? i'll let you simmer on that one).

So the skirt will be basically the same as SA- gathered, a little poofy. unfortunately, i dont have the pattern made for the skirt yet. the actual pattern making is the worst part of sewing. pretty boring.

I'm REALLY excited for this dress. it is going to be fab-o.


  1. this is going to be great. So i was thinking by the time Olivia ties the knot you could make her wedding dress and it would be awesome. But then of course you would have to make our brides made dresses too.

  2. I have also been drooling over this dress for quite some time now. Make one for me too??

  3. i am obsessed with your designs. they are so feminine and so favorite combo.

    i have a feeling you're going to make it big!

    and when you start your own line, i will definitely be purchasing something!

    but really, you are very talented. i'm so glad i found you through cjane.

  4. Just want to say that you're an inspiration to me. I'll be following your blog religiously because I'm so interested in how you create your own patterns and amazing dresses, and all so quickly. I hope to learn lots from you!!