Monday, February 22, 2010

Nothing more humbling.

So today was a great day for me, as you all know. Being featured on cjane has changed my blog and my work forever, and I am so grateful for this opportunity to show my work to a national audience.

I think I was skipping to school today. This morning was all a blur as I thanked my lucky stars for this chance. 

Then I went to meet with my sewing teacher, the Doc, about my evening gown I am designing for my senior capstone. I had sewn part of the bodice last night in my fashion fabric which i LOVE to death. I was just on a cjane high as i went into her office. She took one look at my bodice and said:

"You didn't even interface the neckline."

"I thought i interfaced the facing...?"

"NO. the bodice. you interface the bodice. who cares about the facing? interface the bodice. interface the bodice."

"oh. ok. so should i just--"

"--and you didnt even stay-stitich the neckline! what is wrong with you, ellen?"

Now, if this sounds harsh, that's because it is. the Doc is known for her rough and toughness,a no bull-crap approach to sewing and teaching, which i highly appreciate simply because i know that she is a great teacher and is merely preparing me for the real world. She has made me cry several times, especially when i took advanced sewing from her and made this empire waisted coat:

Now i know the coat looks cheery, but the class was full of tears and doubts as i came home and let go of all my frustration and self pity to my husband, the poor guy. 

But I'm convinced that its this kind of teacher, the hard-on-you-you-have-no-excuses kind of teacher that you thank later on. Because they didnt take any crap, means that you were worth their time, and in a weird, indirect way, they believed in your talent enough to invest their time, and they expect so much more than a student forgetting to stay-stitch and interface the bodice. 

I can only hope to be as a good of a seamstress as the Doc someday. 

Thanks for all my new readers, C!

Anyone who is interested in me making them an article of clothing, please email me at


  1. i just found you through cjane and had to comment because i too am a sewing major at byu and have shed many a tear because of our favorite doctor ;] that is so awesome that you're doing an evening gown with her, i'm in the advanced sewing class right now and can't wait to be done fitting so i can make some slopers!! keep up the good work, your petal sleeve dresses are beyond cute :]

  2. I found you through cjane as well. I had no idea that sewing was a major. That is totally awesome! I am going to have to look into it. :D

  3. Also.. from CJane. I am in love with your sewing skills and will pinch my little student pennies so that I can request something beautiful from you soon. (Can you ship to Canada?)
    Inspiring, keep up the good work :)

  4. so, so VERY proud. i read cjane almost everyday! so excited for you girl.

  5. hi! I just came over from cjane too! I graduated from BYU in FLHE about 6 years ago. Is the dr. you're referring to Dr. Burnham? It sounds exactly like I remember her! Ah, the tears! I seriously love that woman though! My favorite line from her was, "I sew everything I wear, except for my jeans. I let the Gap make them." Tell her hello for me! :)
    Love your blog and sewing adventures! I'm definitely bookmarking it!

  6. Dr. Burnham is one of my favorite teachers ever. Love that lady.

  7. I too found you from CJane. :D How wonderful for you to have this opportunity with her! You seem so talented! I wish I had your passion and talent with sewing. Sigh. I'll just live vicariously through you and others like you!

  8. LOVE your work! CJane is kind to feature you...but you are also kind to make her some CUTE postpartum dresses. I wish you were around after my last babe! I can't WAIT to see what you come up with...beautiful, no doubt.

  9. i am in love with your designs.

  10. wow- you get a lot of blogging traffic when you feature on cjane! i am considering moving to provo and majoring in sewing stuff and the like just so i can feature!

  11. Hey Ellen,

    Congrats on new and exciting things!

    And I can't wait to see this evening gown in all of it's glory!

  12. Okay, so I'm reading back in your old posts and this cracked me up. I took beginning and intermediate sewing at BYU and I totally know what you mean about "the Doc" (though I never had her for a class I was nervous whenever she came into our labs...) Also, I feel like I will never forget the "INTERFACE THE GARMENT, NOT THE FACING!!!" mantra that was drilled into us...haha.